Our Team


Name: Phil Tarbun ACA

Position: Director

A young, ambitious, chartered accountant who is dedicated to save people money and help them make more. Having worked for a couple of firms (including a top 100 firm) he wasn’t happy with how much they were helping their clients and so decided to branch out on his own.

Phil has ample experience in dealing with all aspects of owner managed businesses including in depth tax planning. He is also a director of a local social club and a member of various local organisations, all of which broaden his experience.

Phil is responsible for meeting any new/existing clients and highlighting areas where tax can be reclaimed or profits can be increased.  He sees clients with management information and uses this information to give them the best possible advice to run their businesses.

Name: Amy Roberts BSc ACA

Position: Office Manager

Amy graduated from The University of Liverpool in 2005 having completed her BSc Mathematics.

Amy has had a lot of experience in dealing with payroll administration and bookkeeping along with accounts preparation. 

She is responsible for keeping the bookkeeping for clients up to date so that management information and annual accounts can be prepared in a timely fashion. She also deals with all of the firms payroll clients.

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